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Title: Scarecrowd
Release year: 2015
Movie genres: Horror
Director: George Nevada
Actors: Fabrizio Occhipinti, Gabrielle Bergère, Antony Ferry, Karen Lynn, Ruby Miller, Frances Williams, Danny Willis, Raphael Willis, George Nevada
Movie length: 80 min.

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You need to see remarkable movie now? All devotees of really great movies in Horror genre will be so glad to watch Scarecrowd so much. So, if u are one of us then u should just sit comfortable and start starting to have so much pleasure seeing this film of year 2015. Here u will find a so good acting of your favorite actors: Ruby Miller, Gabrielle Bergère, Antony Ferry, Raphael Willis, Fabrizio Occhipinti who look so cool and on their places in Scarecrowd. The running time of the film is 80 mins but u feel it is just one second because everything in the film is so impressive. So, u should not think how to spend some so unforgettable night anymore! Still waiting? Go and begin watching this film right now. Do not forget to like this page.

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